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These rustic, wooden, dough bowls are hand carved by the Tarahumara Indians.

They are truly unique items. They begin as a piece of a downed tree trunk from Mexico's native yellow pine. The trunk is split in half lengthwise then carved with an ax to form the shape of the bowl. It is further worked with a machete or large knife to achieve its final shape. Once the shape is formed the bowls are sanded smooth.

This traditional style dough bowl has been used throughout the Sierra Madre by the native Tarahumara Indians for generations. Corn and wheat kernels are ground between a smooth stone and a tapered stone trough. The dough bowl is placed at the lower end of the trough to catch the corn or wheat flour as it is ground.

The beauty of these rustic dough bowls is enhanced by the natural irregularities of the wood. Their character is as rich as the Tarahumara Indian heritage. They work well as wall or table decorations, as flower planters or fruit bowls, and can also be stained or painted for a variety of uses.

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Click to enlargeWooden Bowls

This Wooden dough bowl is a hand carved wooden piece with beautiful rustic character. It was carved from the trunk of a tree. Unfinished yellow pine.

approximately 10-11" wide by 22-13" long

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Click to enlargeStained Wooden Bowl

Hand carved wooden bowl, made from a tree trunk by the Tarahumara Indians. The bowls are walnut color but we don't recommend using them for food service. The stain is a crude petroleum stain. Best used for decor. This bowl is for decorative purposes only and is not recommended for food or food preparation.

Stained wooden dough bowl top and side view

approximately 10-11" wide by 22-13" long

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Click to enlargeLarge Wooden Bowl with Rawhide Lacing


Rawhide laced western wooden dough bowls and southwestern bowls are authentic Native bowls made by the Tarahumara Indians. Wooden Indian dough bowls or trenchers are carved by hand from native yellow pine and begin as a piece of a downed tree trunk. The Tarahumara Indian log bowls are made by splitting the trunk in half lengthwise then rough cut with an axe.

The carved wooden dough bowls are shaped and further worked with a machete or large knife. This traditional western bowl has a round bottom, was rough sanded to a rustic finish and laced with genuine rawhide. They sometimes don't sit straight and are not suitable for food preparation. Dough bowls are used by the Tarahumara Indian people but are sold for decoration. Bowls or dough trays are used to catch corn meal as it is ground with a stone.

The rustic character of primitive unfinished wood and rawhide lacing add a sense of rustic beauty to create a natural atmosphere for southwest log homes, cabins and cottages as well as any ranch or country decor. This large laced wooden dough bowl will work well as a wall or table decoration, for flower planters, fruit bowls or for various western art and southwest or Indian craft projects. Measures 11" wide, 29.5" long.

Native Handcrafted, Tribe: Tarahumara,

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