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Southwest Indian Treasures offers authentic premium quality rawhide lamp shades made with expert craftsmanship. Alsom Indian drums, pottery, baskets and hand carved wooden bowls created deep in the Sierra Madre.

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About Us

Through our partnership with the Mission Del Rey and the "Helping Hands Ministry", Southwest Indian Treasures is helping to support the Tarahumara Indians.

A portion of proceeds are used to buy food and supplies. At the Mission, located in the heart of the Sierra Madre of northern Mexico, the Indian people can trade their hand-crafts for things they need. We call it "Helping Hands."

The Tarahumara are a proud people that have endured many hardships. They lead very rough and often difficult lives. They are teetering between their traditional lifestyle and assimilation into the Mexican culture. Unfortunately, they are somewhat stuck between the two and often live hand to mouth. Hunger and exposure are too well known among the people.

By being able to continue their traditional crafts, the Tarahumara people preserve their cultural roots and their dignity as they work to provide for their families.

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Your Privacy

It is the policy of Southwest Indian Treasures, to keep your email address and any other information we may receive about you completely private. We do not sell or share our customer information with anyone.

Special Orders

If you need a custom made lamp shade, or would like to place a bulk order contact us and we will give you a price quote.

Customer Service

For help navigating our web site, or if you have questions regarding ordering, delivery, etc., or if your question is not answered here, please email us at Southwest Indian Treasures

Sales Tax and Shipping

Please Note: Tax applies to Ohio residents only.

No tax will be charged on orders shipped to addresses outside the state of Ohio.

Your order will be shipped via ground by our partners in El Paso, Texas:

For return authorization on damaged items, please email us at Southwest Indian Treasures Do to the nature of the items we provide we do not accept returns unless an item is damaged. We will respond to your email as quickly as possible to arrange for the return and replacement of your damaged item. Please remember to include your order number and your email address so that we can contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer such low prices?

At South West Indian Treasures, you take advantage of our close relationship with the people at the Mission Del Rey, who work directly with the Tarahumara Indian people. We bring you their best products via the internet, and they ship those products directly to your door.

How "authentic" are your products?

The products we sell are hand made by the Tarahumara people. We update our site with new products as they become available from the Mission Del Rey.

When should I expect delivery?

Because the Mission Del Rey is located in the Sierra Madres of Mexico - about 400 miles from El Paso, Texas - our shipping times vary. We prefer to ship from El Paso for cost and security reasons. The Tarahumara people custom make these items by hand, often only producing a piece once it has been ordered by our customers. Once they are finished all products are transported to El Paso for shipping, typically toward the end of each month. We usually ship the first or second week of the following month. If time is critical, please check with us.

What if my item arrives damaged?

If by chance you receive a product which is damaged, we will make every effort to replace the item in a timely manner and arrange for the damaged item to be returned.

What if I want to return something?

We hope that you will cherish the items you receive from Southwest Indian Treasures. Due to the unique nature of our individually handmade items, we cannot accept returns. Please be sure you are requesting the correct size(s) before placing your order.

Your order is guaranteed to arrive in good condition and to be as advertised. You may return a damaged item for a replacement and we will strive to make the arrangements as quickly as possible.Contact us

How safe is my credit card information?

When you buy from Southwest Indian Treasures, your credit card purchase is processed in real time through Paymentech, by secure eCommerce servers run by Then your order is encrypted before being sent to Southwest Indian Treasures. Your credit card information couldn't be safer!