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Candis James Tupperware consultant located in Columbus, Ohio

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If you would rather place an order by phone contact me I am happy to help you. (614) 882-7685.

little Davie my Tupperware business partner and me. Contact me, Candis James. I am a Tupperware Manager and I can assist you with all of f your Tupperware needs (614)882-7685. I'd love to welcome you to my winning Tupperware Team. Why not start your own Tupperware business today! You will Love it!

Hi my name is Candis and I'm a Tupperware Manager located in Columbus, Ohio. Above I'm am pictured with my little grandson Davie. I love my Tupperware business because I can set my own schedule. I always make sure to have plenty of time with my family.
Why not shop our great Tupperware sales now from the comfort of your own home?  If you are located in another state you can still order products online by clicking on this "shop" button.

How would you like to earn $100 in just a couple of hours? I can help you get started earning full time pay while working part time hours. As a Tupperware consultant you can purchase Tupperware at huge discounts. begin a new career with Tupperware right where you live. Join Tupperware Now

Tupperware offers a great and very affordable business opportunity. The start up kit is $35.00 (first picture below) plus sales tax. This start up kit has over $150.00 in Tupperware inside plus business materials. The Delux Express party kit (second picture below) is $75.00 and contains even more Tupperware! Simply choose the kit that is best for your budget. 

The Qwick Cash Kit
The Express Party Kit
Tupperware offers two great start-up Kits
1. The Qwick Cash Kit: $35.00 A great value with $200.00 in Tupperware.
2. The Express Party Kit:
$50.00(ON Sale until August 26th) This delux kit contains $360 in Tupperware.
* Note* Sales tax will be applied to the cost of your kit
If you have Questions please contact me Candis James (614) 882-7685 or Candis James I'm happy to assit you.

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As a Tupperware consultant you can earn 25% - 35% on everything you sell. An extra 5% or 10% Bonus can also be earned. Tupperware also offers 401k, and Health benefits which are available to everyone at the consultant level. In additon to all of this, Tupperware has a car program! I've worked for many years and I've never ever had my employer offer me a car, jewelry or an all expense paid vacation. 

Many people purchase the kit simply to buy from themselves at a discount and learn more about the business opportunity.

If you are interested in buying from yourself at a discount or having your own Tupperware business while maintaining a flexible schedule to earn extra money, contact me and I will help you get started right away. With your own Tupperware business your dreams really can come true.

Choose A Tupperware Kit

The Tupperware Qwik Cash kit is $35.00 plus sales tax and contans over $150 in Tupperware and business materials.The Tuppeware Express Party Kit is $75.00 plus sales tax. Currently on sale for $50.00. This kit has over $300 in Tupperware and business tools.


Do you need a Gift for a special occasion? 
Tupperware gift certificates are always the right size!
Visit the online catalog and see why Tupperware storage containers are so popular. There truly is something for every need. I use the Tupperware containers in my kitchen to keep organized and to keep foods fresher for longer. Reheating foods in the microwave is a snap.  We offer many great products for busy people on the go. Tupperware is a great gift for friends, family, kids, house warmings, weddings, teachers, friends .... practically everyone. 

Do you just want to order some Tupperware for yourself? Shopping online for Tupperware is easy and secure.  Why not shop online in your jammies when you have time? Take the time to shop at your own pace. You can shop online 24/7 and have it shipped directly to your home.  

Click Here to shop for the newest Tupperware products or to discover the incredible career possibilities with Tupperware. To shop online click here then click on the "shop button on the top left of the page.

It has been my experience that some people don't like to order online. I'm glad to take an order by phone mail or fax. Just give me a call or semd me an email.

Contact me to schedule a Tupperware party. As a party Host
you can receive your Tupperware for Free There are many ways to earn free Tupperware and many types of Tupperware party's. Tupperware is known for the in home party. If you in or near Columbus, Ohio call me. I'd love to hold a Tupperware party for you and shower you with gifts.

You can also host your own online party from this website. If you would like to host an online party click on the "party" link at the top of this page. Your online party starts when invite your friends and family by email to shop for Tupperware in your online Party. We can always add the orders easily if you receive them in person or over the phone. If you would like a few of our catalogs and sale flyers let me know and I'll send them to you. Once you sign up I will contact you to explain how the online party works.

If you don't know everyone's email addresses but you would like to have a party to earn your Tupperware for Free it can be accomplished by having a "Book" or "Catalog" Party. I'll send you a few catalogs and sales flyers and you take a few orders from your friends and family. As the hostess you will receive all of the hostess gifts and hostess dollars to spend. You will earn 10% - 15% of all sales from your catalog party. Please call me or send me an email me and I will send you what you need to get started.

Would you like Some FREE TUPPERWARE?
I know what your thinking..... "I don't have time to clean my house and get ready for company" or "It's too much of a hassle".... I used to say that too! Now you can have an online party and get a free Tupperware gift certificate and never leave your house!
You don't have to collect money or deliver your order Tupperware does all that for you!
 Ok... maybe you missed out on the free gift last time... not to worry we are starting over. The first person to host an online party will receive a great free gift! This is a gift from me in addition to your free Tupperware.



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