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Craig & Debra Chambers, along with their children, Jessica, Isaac and Bethany, are the founders of Gospel Messengers International, a world wide Bible distribution ministry and the Mission Del Rey, located in Mexico's Sierra Madre, to reach, disciple and serve both the Mexican Mestizo and Tarahumara Indian people.

Through this ministry the Indian people have the opportunity to trade their hand-crafts for things they need. The Chambers family calls this part of their outreach "Helping Hands."

Message from missionary Craig Chambers

"Emergency assistance is becoming a critical issue in our ministry. It is impossible not to feel for our people who suffer from mal-nutrition. It is a horrible thing to see the sores on their bodies and to realize that they have little or no money or food to eat.

This is such an important ministry. Recently the major employer in our pueblo has closed. This impacts our whole economy. Several of our people have had to get by on very little. There is a real need for clothing as well. With winter temperatures below zero, food and warm clothing are essential. If you have good used clothing, especially for children, it would be greatly appreciated. Used clothing articles can be shipped to our mail-drop in El Paso, Texas. We want to share much more in the future, but please be praying for God's leading."

Field Address:
Craig Chambers
Apartado Postal #77
Creel, Chihuahua 33200

Mail Drop for packages or personal letters:
Craig Chambers
PMB #177
2200 N. Yarbrough Ste. B
El Paso, TX 79925

The Chambers Family
Ministry Support
The ministry of the Chambers family is an Independent Baptist, church planting, mission outreach. Operating by faith, relying on God, as He allows His people to join in the work.

Donations to the ministry are tax deductible through Victory Baptist Missions, a ministry of Victory Baptist Church, in Lattimore, NC.

Donations should be sent to:
Victory Baptist Church
PO Box 385
Lattimore, NC 28089
(704) 434-5019
Pastor, Henry Nichols

If you prefer you can make a donation using Yahoo Pay Direct

The Chambers Family
July - September 2003

Dear Praying Friends,

It is a blessing to be able to share all of the wonderful things that God is doing. Our family is well and enjoying being able to work together for the summer, before everyone scatters in different directions in the fall. Bethany will be starting college. Jessica may be teaching in a bilingual school in Chihuahua and Isaac will be continuing to build our Helping Hands ministry here as well as developing international contacts for the ministry through a base in Texas. We have been so busy this summer that we have wanted to get this letter out for over a month, but just couldn't find a spare moment. I'm sure you know how it is. It's a good problem though, as the ministry continues to grow and develop. We have begun church planting works in two remote villages along with the mission church here.

Services continue to be a blessing at our mission church and we have been happy to see the attendance of the Indian people increasing. Summer is typically a down time for us because people are busy working in the fields. The small farms can be very demanding and as the primary source of food and commerce it has a high priority. But it is very encouraging to see people, especially Indian men in attendance when they are available and we recently had a couple of families return after leaving the area temporarily to find work. It still amazes us that people walk to the Mission from as far as five hours away.

The work in the outer areas has also been a tremendous blessing as several of our people have risen to the challenge to help reach the village people. Particularly in the life of our good friend Rosa, who for the first few years we were in Mexico, would hardly speak to us. Now, she is saved and growing. She has been with us for each village follow-up service, wearing a mission team shirt in place of her traditional Tarahumara Indian blouse and has taken on the Helping Hands work with the people as her ministry. What a tremendous change of heart! The church planting works began with a mission team from Tabernacle Baptist, Morganton, NC, and continued with the help of Emmanuel Baptist in Winchester, VA, who raised money to help the Joe Greathouse family make a 1988 4x4 suburban available. Manna Baptist, Shelby, NC, provided us with beautiful John & Romans Booklets in Spanish. What a tremendous blessing these folks along with countless other friends have been in helping build the ministry this summer.

While the mission team was in Mexico, we also had the opportunity to put a tin roof on the home of one of our most faithful Indian families. What a blessing the roof is, now that the rainy season is here. We were also able to have our first baptismal service at an area lake which was a milestone for our ministry. There were many in attendance that had never seen a believer's baptism before. We also poured the foundation for the Helping Hands ministry building. In the villages, the mission team broke into groups to visit and invite the people led by Spanish speaking Christians. We had basketball and soccer games along with other activities to kick off the first evangelistic services. As the evening services began, we showed a Christian film and preached Christ. It was a blessing to see the village people gathering at Apachochi, peeking in windows of the building in Gumisachi. When the invitation was given in both villages, scores of people received Christ as Savior. We will never forget those special times and how God worked. Praise the Lord!

In both villages, God has given us individuals who have taken the ministry personally and are being instrumental in it's development. Since then, we have been holding services in both villages and God continues to bless as we see the ministries developing. Please pray for the work in Apachochi. A Catholic church member there has launched an attach against us. The entire village is upset with him, but he has had the comisario (county sheriff) issue a letter saying we could not use the community building because we are not Catholic. We think we will be able to work through this attack, and also our friend Roberto has a small building on his property that he has offered to let us use. It would need about 500 to 1,000 dollars worth of roofing work done. We are praying about that opportunity as it may be better in the long run.

The building project for the Helping Hands ministry continues although rain and low finances has slowed the progress somewhat. We are building it by faith and have a couple of Indian young men who are helping us. Please pray about these opportunities as well as for our 4X4 pick-up fund which is currently at $1,500.00. It, along with the suburban donated will meet the unique needs in getting our teams and equipment into the remote areas. Also, in keeping with our vision to be an Indigenous church ministry, Mission Del Rey was approved as a non-profit organization. (PTL) Please pray as now we are being considered for tax exempt church status, and we still have not received the final deed for the mission property or our ministry visas for 2003. This will be necessary if we need to show legal authorization to do the work of the ministry in Apachochi.

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. You are a vital part of our team and we thank the Lord for allowing us to work together with you. Your involvement in special projects and gifts is making a difference for eternity and we appreciate you. We pray that God will richly bless you for your work in the Gospel ministry.

Sincerely, For Souls Who Have Not Heard, The Chambers Family